Upcoming events

Terroir Night - Stellenbosch

Thursday, 2nd Aug at 7pm

Stellenbosch is to South African wine much like Napa is to Californian wine. Of course, finding good wine from Stellenbosch can be challenging because there are so many producers. In this class we will break down what makes Stellenbosch so special and also showcase some of the wines we think are awesome ones from the region!

Quiz Night!

Thursday, 9th Aug at 7pm

Throughout the night we will host a wine tasting consisting of 5 wines, and in between the tastings, we will host a quiz night where you and your table will compete to see who's king/queen of Trivia. More importantly, this is meant to be a fun night of great wine and spirited competition.

Bad-ass Reds!

Thursday, 16th Aug at 7pm

During this class you will taste a carefully chosen selection of some seriously bad ass reds from across the country! This is a fun and interactive class with an emphasis on developing your palate. We will teach you how to both recognize signature aromas in traditional black grape varietals and explore tannin, fruit, acidity and body, which when combined will help you determine what styles of red wine you enjoy the most.

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Monthly Wine Club.

What sets our monthly wine club apart is our sourcing of wine. We bring expertly curated artisanal, small batch, biodynamic and sustainably grown boutique wine. We believe wine should be made simple, so learn more about wine without all the unnecessary pretentiousness!

Let's admit it, we all hate commitments! At Crush Wine Club we feel the same. Feel free to cancel your subscription anytime! Simply unsubscribe before the 20th of the month, to avoid the next month's subscription costs. Its really that simple!

How it works


4 Wines per month

The concept behind this wine club is that there is month long participation. Each month 4 wines are delivered to your doorstep. that's 1 exciting wine to discover each week of the month!


Drink together

Each week 1 wine is featured, and all of our subscribers drink the same wine (just one) every week. An online wine tasting video is posted of the week's featured wine, for you to watch at a time most convenient to you. 


Get info

Additional to the online wine tasting video posted each week, you are mailed the story behind the week's featured wine as well as a recipe for the perfect food pairing to match your wine. Let's admit it, wine just tastes better when you know more about it!