How do you make your art work?

A pinch of creative curiosity, mixed with analogue and digital wizardry.

I usually start by creating the outline of my subjects with ink pens. I've never been able to draw, act or behave straight so as a result my lines are very unruly. And I love it!
The colours and patterns are influenced by my mood and whatever inspires me at the time. I partcularly just enjoy cutting and collaging random items, patterns and observe textures. there are times where people have caught me baking and freezing paint! So anything really goes...

I scan or photograph the patterns and outlines and attempt to blend them together, using photoshop and illustrator (or whatever fun new software/editor I can find) as much as possible. I try to find a balance between "OUW my eyes are hurting" and "wow, I can't take my eyes off it!" It's an art.

Do you do custom portraits?

Yes! I doo-da-day-indubidly-do! I enjoy drawing people, pets, faces and places. So if you have anything in mind for that special someone, please feel free to email me at Or maybe it's a nice treat for yourself because you're abolutely worth it! e all need a lovely piece of art to inspire our lives. Or have a look at my shop where you can see prices for custom portraits.

Commissions for commercial purposes (advertising, publications, promotional materials, online marketing, packaging, fashion merchandising, music merchandising, product visual arts, interior art in a commercial establishment). Will have different rates compared to personal private commisions. Feel free to contact me via the email stated above to discuss this further.

Are you available for commissions?

I am curently available for commissions. If you need a uniquely quirky piece of art feel free to contact me via and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Operational Hours

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