terms and conditions

Welcome to the Crush Wine Club ("Wine Club") The Wine Club is operated by Eighteen13 Holding Company Pty Ltd at xxxxxx. To join the Wine Club, you must be 18 years of age or over, be a resident of and domiciled in South Africa and agree to the terms and conditions set out below. Shipments are for Members' personal consumption only and must not be used for retail sale.

The Wine Club reserves the right to request verification of age, identity, residential address of Members and any other information relevant to Membership or participation in the Wine Club. Verification is at the discretion of the Wine Club, whose decision is final. The Wine Club reserves the right to disqualify any individual who is involved in any way in interfering or tampering with the operations of the Wine Club.

Membership Termination
Members may terminate their Membership at any time at their discretion - no penalty no fuss! Please phone us on (011) 467 9709 during business hours or email us at info@crushwineclub.co.za

Shipping Specifics
All Shipments must be delivered to the Member, another adult person at the Delivery Address who undertakes to accept the Shipment on the Member's behalf, or in accordance with the Member's instructions. Anyone at the Member's Delivery Address who receives the Shipment will be presumed by the Wine Club to be authorized to receive the Shipment on the Member's behalf. Wine Club may request that the person who receives the Shipment at the Delivery Address provide satisfactory evidence of proof of age to the person responsible for delivery of the Shipment. Wine Club will refuse to deliver the Shipment if the person receiving the Shipment is unable or unwilling to provide evidence of proof of age. The Shipment will not be delivered to persons under the age of 18 years or to persons who fail to provide proof of age satisfactory to Wine Club that the person is aged 18 years or over. Upon delivery of the Shipments, all risk and title shall pass to the Member and the Member shall bear the risk of any loss, damage or deterioration of or to the goods from such time.

In the event that the Shipments are damaged or partially lost during transit, the Member must, within 14 working days of delivery of the goods, provide the Wine Club written notice giving reasonable particulars of any such alleged damage or partial loss. The Member acknowledges and agrees that no claim whatsoever shall be accepted by the Wine Club (or any of its agents) for any damage to, or partial loss of, the Shipments which occurred during transit where written notice is not provided within this period. On accepting the Member's claim, the Wine Club will at its discretion replace or refund the goods and pay for any additional delivery charges. The member understands that it is their responsibility to inform Crush Wine Club of any change in address and delivery details. Charges incurred with recovery of wines to an old or incorrect address will be the responsibility of the member.

If a wine is found to be faulty we will be happy to offer a replacement or refund. Notification must be given to us within 14 working days of delivery. 
Please send an email to info@crushwineclub.co.za to notify us of any damages, incorrect orders or faults and arrange for the replacement or return of the product. Once the details or wine/s are received we will assess the situation or wine fault and refund your credit card account for the cost of the wine less shipping and handling. If the original shipment was damaged or flawed you will receive a full refund including shipping and handling charges. Please contact (011) 467-9709 during business hours for return instructions.

Crush Wine Club uses DHL delivery service. Any times for delivery of Shipments quoted by the Wine Club are approximate only and to the extent permitted by law the Wine Club shall not be liable to the Member for the failure to supply or deliver any Shipments at any such time on any grounds whatsoever, including negligence by the Wine Club.

Personal Details

By joining the mailing list, you agree to receive news, promotional offers and other updates in relation to the Wine Club. Method of contact may be by mail, email, phone call or text message.


The Wine Club assumes no responsibility for any failure to receive any communications or for inaccurate information or for any loss, damage or injury as a result of technical or telecommunications problems, including security breaches. If such problems arise, then the Wine Club may (where necessary with the approval of any relevant authority) modify, cancel, terminate or suspend Membership of the Wine Club.

The Wine Club reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to vary the terms and conditions. Should the Wine Club vary the terms and conditions, it will notify the Member via the email address provided on the Member's Application Form. Your continued participation in the Wine Club after such notification will constitute your deemed acceptance of such variations.


Prices are subject to alteration. We shall endeavor to update the website prices whenever a change takes place. We shall contact you prior to accepting the order if there has been a change in price. All wines are offered subject to availability and remain the property of Crush Wine Club until payment is received in full.