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Winemaker and Philosophy:

Winemaker: Jozua Joubert As a passionate and dedicated winemaker, Jozua Joubert crafts exceptional wines that highlight the unique characteristics of South Africa's diverse terroirs. With a strong focus on sustainability and respect for the environment, Joubert employs both traditional and innovative winemaking techniques to create wines that showcase the distinct qualities of each grape variety and their specific growing conditions.


Region and Unique Features:

Region: Stellenbosch, South Africa The Smokkelman White Blend 2021 is a product of Stellenbosch, a renowned wine-growing region in South Africa known for its diverse terroir and ideal growing conditions for a variety of white grape varieties. The region's unique combination of soil types, topography, and climate contribute to the production of grapes with intense flavors, vibrant acidity, and a distinct sense of place.


Climate and Impact on Wine:

The climate in Stellenbosch is characterized by a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters. These conditions allow the white grape varieties in the Smokkelman White Blend 2021 to ripen slowly, resulting in concentrated flavors, pronounced aromas, and a balanced structure. The blend showcases the impact of the region's climate through its lively acidity and expressive fruit flavors.


Wine Characteristics:

  • Blend: A harmonious blend of Chenin Blanc and Semillon, each contributing distinct flavors and characteristics to the overall profile of the wine
  • Acidity: Medium acidity, offering a refreshing and invigorating experience on the palate
  • Fruitiness: Prominent fruit flavors, including green apple, pear, and citrus from the Chenin Blanc, and honeydew, fig, and beeswax from the Semillon
  • Body: Medium-bodied, with a crisp and refreshing texture
  • Finish: Medium finish, with lingering fruit and mineral notes


The Story of Smokkelman White Blend:

The Smokkelman White Blend 2021, crafted by Jozua Joubert, represents the winemaker's vision to create a harmonious and expressive white wine that highlights the unique characteristics of South Africa's diverse terroirs. The blend is a testament to Joubert's dedication to sustainability, environmental stewardship, and innovation in winemaking.

Smokkelman White Blend NV

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